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eco roofing things to consider

Investing in eco-friendly roofing sends a powerful message to your clients; that you’re committed to protecting the environment, and that you’re passionate about sustainability. Roofs with green credentials also offer numerous other benefits to your business; such as better insulation, more effective rainwater drainage, and excellent longevity.

If you’re thinking of getting a sustainable roof for your premises, here are some key things to think about before buying.

 Investing in a Sustainable Roof – Key Factors to Consider

  • What sort of material? When it comes to sustainable roofing, there are a number of options available. Here are just a few examples:
  1. Green roofs. Green roofing systems are not only great in terms of carbon capture; they also have fantastic insulative properties – keeping buildings warm in winter and cooler in summer. In addition, they’re aesthetically pleasing, and are ideal for roof areas that are visible (either from the surrounding buildings and streets, or from within the premises).
  2. Solar PV. You can either choose to have PV solar panels installed on your roof, or an integrated solar-roof system, such as Powerply. This eradicates the need for ballast or framing, and also has great aesthetic appeal. Even better, it harnesses power from the sun, reducing utility bills.
  3. Sustainable roof materials. A good roofing company will offer flat roof systems that use sustainable materials. It’s also worthwhile enquiring about longevity, not to mention recyclability once the roof needs replacing.
  • Think about drainage. Inadequate drainage can cause serious problems, damaging the surface of the roof and reducing its lifespan. Rather than investing in a traditional drainage system, choose a siphonic solution, which features an anti-vortex plate. This effectively creates a vacuum, sending water speedily down the drainage pipe, where it can be collected in a tank for recycling.
  • Consider disposal. If you’re serious about being eco-conscious, you’ll need to consider how the roof can be disposed of, after it’s been replaced. Find out what the roof is made from, and whether it can be fully recycled or not. There are many roofing options that are completely recyclable, and which don’t use solvents when they’re being installed. A good roofing company will be able to provide you with these details in full.
  • What’s involved in its maintenance? Some roofing materials require more maintenance than others; and generally speaking, the less maintenance needed, the less impact on the environment. Obviously, good maintenance is important, as this will ensure that the roofing system meets or exceeds its life expectancy.
  • How is installation carried out? Again, a reputable roofing company will make every effort to reduce impact on the environment; from sourcing / developing / manufacturing roofing materials, to installing the roof on the day.

IPS Group – Sustainable Roofing Systems

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