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improve the lifespan of your roof

When investing in new roofing, the top priority should be longevity. Replacing roofs can be a costly, time-consuming process, and it’s important to select a roofing system that’s durable, designed to cope with all types of weather, and that comes with a good drainage system.

Boosting Sustainability with a Long-Lasting Roof

Investing in a high-quality roof isn’t just good for your business, it’s a sound decision for the environment too. People usually focus on energy performance and insulation when assessing the eco-credentials of a roof, but wastage is also very important – and the longer the roof lasts, the less waste occurs over time.

 Several factors can adversely impact the quality of a roof, but faulty or inadequate drainage is perhaps the most common. Ponding water on the surface of a roof can cause serious problems over time, and if unresolved, can damage the surface beyond repair.

Choosing a roof with inbuilt protection is one solution. For example, IPS Roofing’s TPO flat roof technology includes ethylene propylene rubber into the propylene matrix, which boosts durability and flexibility.

However, to really protect your roof, you’ll need a good drainage system.

Siphonic Drainage

Conventional drainage systems can reduce ponding on the roof, but they have their limitations. This is mainly because they consist of a simple outlet, which during heavy rainfall may not be able to cope with the excess water.

Siphonic drainage operates completely differently, because it incorporates an anti-vortex plate. When the plate is full, it shuts off the air-flow to the downpipe, which works with gravity to create a vacuum. This pushes the water down the pipe at high velocity, clearing the excess water from the roof quickly.

Even better, this water can be easily diverted into a recycling collection tank if required, which boosts your building’s eco-credentials even further.

Investing in the Right Roof

  • What drainage systems do you offer? Are they equipped to cope with heavy rainfall? Where will the downpipes be positioned? Can they be used to collect rainwater for recycling?
  • What features does the roof offer, to protect from the elements? What steps have been taken to ensure the roof is watertight? Does it feature any cutting-edge technology to improve durability?
  • Can the roof space be used for other purposes? Would it be appropriate to incorporate solar PV panels into the design? Would green roofing be appropriate for the building, and what benefits would it offer, in terms of insulation and aesthetic value?

It’s worthwhile asking questions, to ensure you select a roofing system that’s going to last for years to come. It’s the most effective way to save money in the long-term, and help the environment too.

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