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benefits of siphonic drainage systems

Traditional roof drainage systems are functional, but present a variety of issues for businesses. As water spreads across the roof, it naturally flows to the lowest point (where the downpipe is situated), where it then flows down the gutter to the ground. However, the conventional design features a significant flaw. As water flows through the downpipe, it takes air with it, and this limits the efficiency of the system.

The main difference is the siphonic drainage system’s anti-vortex plate. This performs the function of a baffle, creating a vacuum within the downpipe – and no air means greater efficiency. The anti-vortex plate also stops leaves from entering the pipe, thus preventing blockage.

The creation of a vacuum within the downpipe means that the drainage process is far quicker. Water is naturally pulled down by gravity, where it either travels to the ground, or to a recycling collection point.

Explaining the Benefits

  • Design flexibility. Due to its efficiency, the siphonic drainage system needs fewer downpipes, which frees up more space on the roof. Unlike a conventional drainage solution, it doesn’t matter where the downpipe is situated.
  • Fewer materials. The pipes are smaller in diameter, not to mention shorter, which takes up less room in the overall design. Thanks to the system’s impressive efficiency, fewer downpipes are required, which reduces costs associated with materials.
  • Easy maintenance. The anti-vortex plate ensures no leaves get into the system, which means less time wasted clearing the pipes. Also, the system is essentially self-cleaning, as the water travels through the downpipes at a higher velocity.
  • Eco credentials. Boosting the eco-friendliness of your business should always be a top priority. Siphonic roof systems are ideal for greener water drainage; as it’s easy to direct the rainwater to recycling collection tanks, to be reused for other purposes.
  • Reduced roof damage. Pooling water can be a serious problem, causing damage to the surface of the roof. The high velocity flow achieved by the siphonic drainage solution means that water is removed quickly and efficiently.
  • Works with your building. It’s easy to tailor the design of the system to meet your specific requirements, and the easy installation process causes minimal disruption in the workplace.
  • Less underground work. The way the pipes are installed above ground means there’s less underground drainage, trenching, soil removal or treatment of backfill.

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