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Increasing numbers of businesses are exploring the advantages that bio architecture offers, both in terms of their company and the environment as a whole.

However, for some, the term might be unfamiliar. Read on to discover what bio architecture is, and how it can benefit your business.


What is Bio Architecture?

Bio architecture, or sustainable architecture as it’s sometimes known, is any type of building that is designed to operate respectfully and responsibly within its natural environment.

A bio architect, when working on a project, will look at ways he or she can incorporate natural, sustainable resources into the design, with minimal environmental impact. They’ll also consider the visual aesthetics, and how the building can complement the surroundings, rather than create a jarring effect.

Every bio architectural design is unique, as it’s created to suit the specific site and local environment. It’s likely that they will have some similar features, though – such as renewable energy sources (solar PV panels or wind turbines, for example), or use insulating materials such as green roofs.

The Advantages of Sustainable Architecture

The main advantage is reduced impact on the environment, which is a vital factor for any forward-thinking company. Many businesses are choosing to adopt a sustainable approach, as this sends a clear message to their customers – that they’re an eco-friendly, responsible organisation.

There are other key benefits too. Many sustainable buildings offer health benefits to employees. Using natural resources is far less damaging than using traditional construction materials such as asbestos, wood-waterproofing treatments or certain types of insulation. Likewise, using a green roof can improve air quality and promote mental wellbeing.

Some eco-friendly materials and construction methods are also cheaper, which is appealing for companies operating within a tight budget. Likewise, use of renewable energy technology such as solar panels can reduce electricity bills substantially, especially if the PV solar panels are positioned correctly for optimum performance.

Is Bio Architecture for You?

Sustainable architecture shouldn’t be viewed as an alternative option, but rather, the preferred construction method of the future. Customers value businesses who prioritise protecting the environment, and as such, it makes good sense for your premises as eco-friendly as possible.

Before making a decision, it’s a wise idea to talk to a company that specialise in sustainable architecture. They’ll be able to assess your proposed site then put together an initial plan, detailing what your options are in terms of creating a sustainable building. Remember, even small differences, such as incorporating a green roof or using specialist solar PV panels could make a huge difference in terms of environmental impact, and work out more cost-effective in the long run.

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