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 Is Your Roof Ready for Winter

Summer may only just be over, but it’s important to prepare your commercial premises for the winter months as early as possible. Adverse weather conditions can cause damage to roofing, and problems are more easily resolved the sooner they’re detected.

Here’s some information about why it’s important to check your roof, and the steps you can take to ensure it’s ready for the forthcoming winter months.

Why Should You Check Your Roof?

Whether you own an industrial or commercial building, you still have the same responsibility – to protect the safety and wellbeing of your employees and visitors. Most roofing is built to last several years; however, when problems do occur, they can prove damaging and costly; particularly if they’ve been left to get worse over time.

A routine roof maintenance service will check the quality of your existing roof, and tell you whether there are any problems. They’ll also provide recommendations about repairing or replacing your roof, based on its current condition.

What are the Risks to Your Roof?

The predominant risk is the weather. Increased rainfall can cause pooling on the roof, which can be problematic if you don’t have a good drainage system in place. Likewise, snow and ice can cause damage, particularly to old roofs. Over time, this can cause leaks in your building, which can be hazardous.

If you experience snowfall on your building, it’s worthwhile observing how it melts on your roof. If you notice uneven melting on the surface, this could indicate that your property isn’t very energy efficient, which isn’t ideal in the colder winter months.

Taking Action

If you suspect that your roof might need replacing soon, or are concerned that it’s damaged, it’s a wise idea to contact a reputable roofing company as early as possible. Failing to address the problem could make the issue worse over time.

If you do need a new roof, there are a range of options available; designed to improve energy efficiency and even reduce heating bills. For example:

  • Powerply. IPS Group supply and install Powerply roofing, which features integrated solar PV panels. These offer high efficiency (>14.5%) and are extremely lightweight. Incorporating solar panels into your roof provides another source of energy; which is not only renewable, but helps reduce electricity bills by a significant margin.
  • Green roofing. Green roofs are not only a low-maintenance, eco-friendly option, they’re also highly effective in terms of providing insulation for your building. There are a variety of different green roof styles; which can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing effect; in addition to offering a practical roofing solution.
  • Composite panels. Composite panels are a cost-effective option, and are easy to install. They’re ideal if you need to make your building water-tight as quickly as possible.

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