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If you own commercial premises, it’s important to maintain your building effectively. Without the appropriate level of care, wear-and-tear and weather damage can soon take hold, impacting the integrity of the building and reducing aesthetic appeal.


The roof is often overlooked in this process; perhaps because it’s not so visible and is thus easier to ignore. However, your roof performs a variety of vital functions for your premises – insulating the building, providing protection from the elements and offering visual appeal. In short – it’s just as important to maintain your roof as it is any other aspect of your building.

Maintaining Your Roof – Key Tips

  • Establish a maintenance schedule. It doesn’t matter what type of roof you have; composite panels, a flat roof or eco-friendly green roofing. All types of roof require some form of maintenance, otherwise they’re vulnerable to wear-and-tear over time. Get in contact with a roofing contractor, who can visit your premises on a yearly basis to assess your roof, plus any gutters, vents, solar PV panels or skylights. This maintenance service could save thousands in the long-term, as it’s easier to resolve a minor issue than a full-scale problem.
  • Invest in a roof for the future. If you’re about to invest in a new roof, choose wisely and get as much professional advice as possible. It’s important to get a roof that is durable, long-lasting and weather-resistant – but that’s not the only thing you should be thinking about. You may also want to think about impact on the environment, as some roofing systems are far eco-friendlier than others. You may even want to invest in a solar panel or sedum roof for additional eco-credentials.
  • Regular casual inspections. If it’s safe to do so, have a member of staff check your roof on a regular basis (perhaps once a month or every other month) to spot any minor problems. Things to look out for include any pooling water on the roof (which can cause issues in the future), cracks in the roofing material, and blockages in the gutters.
  • Don’t ignore leaking. On occasions, leaks will manifest themselves inside before you notice them externally. Don’t ignore water-marks on your ceilings, as this may be a sign that your roof is leaking and needs attention. If allowed to develop, leakage can cause serious (not to mention costly) problems.

Using Appropriate Safety Equipment

When installing a new roof, it’s important to consider safety – and in certain situations, a safety system may be appropriate. Safety measures, such as fall arrest systems, roof edge protection and skylight fall protection, ensures your members of staff stay safe whilst inspecting or maintaining your roof.

Roofing Systems

If you’re concerned that your roof is damaged or needs replacing, talk to IPS Group. We’re one of the UK’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of roofing systems, including composite panels and green roofs. To arrange a consultation and free quotation, simply get in touch with our team today by calling 01969 625000.


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